Silicone Pad + Latex-Free Blending Sponge = MakeupDrop Hybrid. 


  • BODY
Revolutionize your makeup game with the Hybrid, the perfect two-in-one applicator for liquid and cream makeup products.
1) The flat Silicone Drop is a clean and product saving surface for an initial application, or sculpting and outlining. 
2) The super soft & latex-free Sponge is ideal for that flawless airbrush finish.
The Hybrid- The ultimate beauty tool...
Pro Tip: Add a few drops of your favorite hydrating serum to the sponge for a nourishing and glowy makeup application. 
Restore* Wipes
Here's your Rx: Skincare in a wipe.
A luxurious, eco-friendly towelette infused with natural and nourishing components to ensure that skin is cleaned without ever being stripped.
The Restore* Wipes are individually packaged, making them great for on-the-go. With ingredients such as Chamomile, Cucumber, Jojoba, Aloe and more, Restore* Wipes deliver the proper nutrients to restore skin back to a calm and glowing state. USE DAILY 
Pro tip: Use your Restore* Wipe to clean your MakeupDrop Silicone Applicators!
20 wipes per pack.
Skin doesn't stop at the face. 
We didn't want any(body) to feel left out, so we designed the ultimate beauty applicator. Made for a cleaner, hands-free approach with sunless tanners, lotions, masks and more. Soft on body, heavy on blend. For the ultimate in dewy, perfect skin. 
Pro Tip: The Body is a great applicator for your favorite face masks!
The Original Silicone Beauty Applicator.  
We were fed up with our sponge applicators.  We wanted an applicator that cleanly applied our product while eliminating product waste.
The result. MakeupDrop. 
Made of a non-toxic, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic silicone, our drop-shaped applicator can flawlessly apply all liquid/cream makeup and skincare products. 
Pro Tip: Throw your Drop in the freezer for a de-puffing skincare routine. 
Better blending for seamless makeup looks.  
Textured like a makeup sponge, the Matte MakeupDrop will blend in foundation, concealer, and cream products perfectly. The non-porous silicone will save you loads of time and product as it soaks in zero product and bacteria!
Pro Tip: The textured surface can be used on the makeup-free skin to blot away oils and excess grime, elevating your skincare game.
Everyday Set
The ultimate silicone beauty blender set for the beauty lover.
Clear for liquid products and serums. Pink (Matte) for creams and gels. Add smile.
Pro tip: Use your clean matte drop to blot away excess oil throughout the day!
Includes 1 Original + 1 Matte 


Zip Pouch
Hold all of your necessities while looking très chic.
Be ready to travel with our latest TSA Approved Zip Pouch. With it’s holographic and transparent design, it’s the cutest addition to everyone’s beauty arsenal. Great for carrying your favorite products!
Pro tip: Use it as a clutch while going out to lunch with friends!

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