Red Velvet
Red Velvet
Red Velvet
Red Velvet
Red Velvet

Red Velvet

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Revolutionize your makeup game with the Red Velvet, the perfect two-in-one applicator for liquid and cream makeup products.
1) The flat Silicone Drop is a clean and product saving surface for an initial application, or sculpting and outlining. 
2) The Velvet-y microfiber is ideal for that flawless airbrush finish.
The Red Velvet- The ultimate beauty tool...
Pro Tip: Wet your sponge before use for an extra seamless finish!
Apply a small amount of product directly to the silicone side. Dab, Draw, or sculpt makeup onto face, and blend out edges with sponge side. Add smile.
Simply wash with warm soapy water after every use. Let air dry overnight. Replace every 3 months.

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This one tool will change the way you apply makeup and skincare products forever.

MakeupDrop is antimicrobial & uses 50% less product than a sponge.